Ever since that infamous ban boat picture surfaced in 2015, we’ve always wondered “what if.” What if these four best friends somehow united on one team, for one last hoorah to win a ring? What if these four All-NBA talents combined their skill sets to form a super team for the ages?

For a while now, that dream has always been just a long distant fantasy. But when you look at how things are playing out for each of these four stars, you start to realize that this dream may not be too far off.


We’ll start with Chris Paul. Having played the last few years in Los Angeles, nobody thought he would be going anywhere. As we have come to find out, however, that was not the case. He’s playing in Houston now, and has joined forces with James Harden. When he made the move though, he opted IN to his contract to make the Clippers quipped to get something in return. Because of this though, Chris Paul will be a Free Agent next summer. If things don’t work out on the Rockets, he could look to go elsewhere.

For Dwyane Wade, he finds himself in an odd situation in Chicago. Like CP3, he too opted into his contract. Which will make him a Free Agent as well. For Wade and the Bulls, they seem to be going in very different directions. Chicago wants to rebuild and Wade no doubt would like to win. Next summer, the star could very well want to win another ring.

Let’s not forget about Carmelo Anthony, and the mess that’s in New York. Why, after everything that’s gone down would Carmelo insist in staying? Phil Jackson practically begged him to go, the Knicks have shown no regard to surround him with talent, and the front office has disrespected him at every turn. But maybe Melo knows that if he stays, other stars will eventually come to help him. With him being a Free Agent as well, and with him having previously said he would take a pay cut to play with LeBron James, it’s not really that hard to imagine this actually working.

Finally, there’s LeBron James. People are very skeptical that he’ll leave Cleveland, and for good reason. While they’re good contenders, The King has made it known he’s willing to leave. Even with how good the Cavs are, could LeBron have a vision? What better way to beat Golden State than playing with your star-studded best friends? Being a Free Agent next summer, he could chose to finally build the superteazm he’s been wanting all these years.

With all 4 stars being free next summer, the choice is theirs. It may not be likely, but just like Chris Paul said himself: “It’s always possible, definitely, anything’s possible.”

So yeah, they may not choose to join forces in the Big Apple. But it’s undoubtedly possible. Imagine the glory of these four supporters in the biggest market in sports. Despite all the struggles the Knicks have gone through, despite all the loses, something might be brewing. A new superteazm could be on the horizon, one that could rival any we’ve seen thus far. Shooting, alley-oops, and crazy highlight reel passes could all be just one more year away. It would be every child’s greatest dream come true.

And before you call them old or washed up, remember one thing: they still have a unicorn. Kristaps Porzingis could be the spark of youth that they need. A scoring champ, a top three shooting guard to ever play, the second greatest of all-time, an all-time historic point guard, and a young kid with supreme upside would be enough to scare anybody in the league, don’t you think?

So despite what you may have thought, a banana boat reunion isn’t some alternate reality. Fact is, it could have been planned years ago. All it’s gonna take now is for four best friends to make one big choice.

And what a choice that would be.