Pako Pablos Studios

It’s always amazing to find a great artist like Pako Pablos, because he creates unique Pastel & Acrylic Paintings, Watercolor Paintings & Ink Drawings and Digital Artwork.

He worked with many famous celebrities like Tyga, Fabulous, Drake, The Game, Waka Flocka, Cypress Hill, MTV’s Conceited, Tony Hawk, Simeon Panda, Vince Jackson, Brian Malarkey, Domic Cruz, and etc.

Known for his contemporary style, mixed media artist Pako Pablos is recognized internationally for his stylistic approach by industry and social icons.

From world class athletes to cutting edge musicians and entertainment figures, his artistic commentary on pop culture through the use of digital art, painting with acrylics and the creation of images in pastels is gaining widespread exposure and popularity.

His work has been featured internationally in art shows and exhibitions; on television and in print media; and through growing prominence in his social media following.

If you want to contact him, check his site – Pako Pablos Studios.

Today, I will represent you his work “Lord of the Rings” and below you can find some bonus. Enjoy.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Shaquille O’Neal


Magic Johnson


Kobe Bryant


Stephen Curry


Dennis Rodman


Scottie Pippen


Michael Jordan


LeBron James


Chicago Bulls “Three-Peat”






2Pac & Notorious B.I.G.


For the more details check his Facebook Pako Pablos and Instagram pakopablos.