Every basketball player dreams to play in the NBA and to become the best player in the world (like Michael Jordan). But this is just a dream, and the reality is a little bit different.

Everyone knows about Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant 50+ point games, about Wilt Chamberlain 100-point game, and about the best scorers in NBA history like Jordan, Bryant, Chamberlain, Iverson, Bird, LeBron, Durant and etc… but how many players do you know who were on the court, but didn’t score even a point?

Who played most NBA games without scoring a point? Yeah, you’d be a little frustrated that your name didn’t appear with 10 or 20 points in the box score, but if your role is to help team with the rebounds, defense or the blocks, then everything is ok, I guess?

We have 16 players who have 170 or more career games without scoring a point, but three are still active in the 2017 season: Joel Anthony (195 games), James Jones (183 games) and Steve Novak (170 games).

Honorable Mention (Basketball Hall of Fame): Dikembe Mutombo 84, Robert Parish 65, Dennis Rodman 62

Check the list of players who played more than 200 games without scoring a point, according to Sports Stats.


12. Chris Dudley 200

Mandatory Credit: Sam Forencich/NBAE/Getty Images


11. Scott Hastings 200


10. Greg Dreiling 203


9. Mark Madsen 204


8. Jason Collins 206


7. Ryan Bowen 207

Credit: Getty Images


6. Manute Bol 220


5. Tree Rollins 235


4. Jud Buechler 256

Credit: Getty Images


3. Greg Kite 256


2. Charles Jones 259

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1. DeSagana Diop 259

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