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What is your favorite number? How many players do you know who wear your lucky number in the NBA? Can you create a team of players who wear your number?

Follow me. How many points do you want to score? 0. Zero? Of course not. How many rebounds do you want to have? 0. Zero? Of course not. How many wins do you want to have? 0. Zero? Of course not, c’mon!

But, why do you want to wear the No. 0? How many players do you know who have worn the No. 0? Do you know Gilbert Arenas? Yeah, of course you do, Agent Zero.

Arenas wore No. 0 when he joined the NBA, but the number dates back to his time at the University of Arizona, where he was told zero was the number of minutes he was going to be able to play that year.

Check this chart below.

Credit: SB Nation

Check what Damian Lillard said 5 years ago about the No. 0.

Kevin Love also shared his thought about No. 0.

“My first number I ever played with, I remember showing up to a game in Beaverton, Oregon, with a brand new inner-city team I was supposed to play with. I was the last guy to the guy for the tournament. There was the zero for me.”

Today, I will present to you top 10 players who have worn the No. 0 in NBA history.


Honorable Mention

Avery Bradley: 12.1 PTS, 3.1 REB, 1.7 AST

AP Photo/Chuck Burton


10. Jeff Teague: 12.6 PTS, 2.4 REB, 5.5 AST

Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports


9. Andre Drummond: 13.3 PTS, 12.8 REB, 1.5 BLK

AP Photo/Duane Burleson


8. Mike Bibby: 14.7 PTS, 3.1 REB, 5.5 AST


7. Larry Hughes: 14.1 PTS, 4.2 REB, 3.1 AST


6. Shawn Marion: 15.2 PTS, 8.7 REB, 1.9 AST


5. DeMarcus Cousins: 21.2 PTS, 10.8 REB, 3.0 AST

Credit: USA Today


4. Kevin Love: 18.4 PTS, 11.5 REB, 2.4 AST

Photo by Gregory Shamus/NBAE via Getty Images


3. Damian Lillard: 22.4 PTS, 4.0 REB, 6.2 AST


2. Gilbert “Agent Zero” Arenas: 20.7 PTS, 3.9 REB, 5.3 AST

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1. Russell Westbrook: 22.7 PTS, 6.2 REB, 7.9 AST

Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Starting Lineup Of “Number Zero”

Gilbert Arenas

Russell Westbrook

Shawn Marion

Kevin Love

DeMarcus Cousins


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