We have so many great stories about NBA 2K with our brothers and friends, and through the Twitter, we collect very interesting description about that.

Last month, I played with my brother and I beat him 65-51 (Lakers 00-01 vs. Philadelphia 00-01), with 57 points by Kobe Bryant. Black Mamba scored more points than Philadelphia Sixers including Allen Iverson.

I’m playing NBA games from 1996, so I have a lot of crazy stories but today we will share about other fans and their experience with their friends.

Check the most embarrassing and savage NBA 2k stories.


Derrick Rose Against The World


The Maddest Ever

The Greatest Comeback

Mike Miller!

Shawn Kemp – Game Winning Dunk


Israel Team vs. Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry Scoring Record

Share your story about NBA 2k and we will publish the next 10 best stories about you and your friends.

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