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NBA players are people we look up to. They are amazing athletes and have inhuman skills. In many ways they can be compared to superheroes. They might not save lives, but they clearly save games. They are also asked to perform under pressure and during the most crucial situations.

So, which players would make the best superheroes? And which one would they be? Here I enlist some amusing comparisons.

Chris Paul: Captain America

Fadeaway World

Paul has all the attributes “the Cap” has. He’s a great leader, very methodic, very devoted and everybody loves him. You could also say that one of his biggest weapons is his defense, just like Steve Rogers (his shield).

Paul has also played several times under his country’s jersey. He even won two Olympic gold medals in Beijing and London while competing for the Dream Team. This definitely makes CP3 our Captain America!

Russell Westbrook: Iron Man

Fadeaway World

Westbrook is so stylish but that doesn’t mean he is not willing to bang up the armor every once in a while. Even more, he enjoys it. It’s as if Westbrook was a child and the court his playground, just like Tony Stark and the battlefield.

He carries the team on his back and sacrifices a lot to get the W’s. Looking at his triple-doubles display and his playing minutes, you could make the case that he’s actually made out of iron.

DeMarcus Cousins: Hulk

Fadeaway World

The key here is temperament. Cousins leads the league this season with 20 technical fouls. Plus, he is well known for being a violent player. “Boogie” is also strong and explosive, distinctive characteristics of the Hulk. I can totally imagine Cousins getting green, tearing off his jersey and making an energetic dunk.

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Kevin Durant: Batman

Fadeaway World

For many, Kevin Durant can be seen as an anti-hero. Leaving OKC and signing with the Warriors was one of the most controversial moves in NBA history. After this, either you love him or you hate him. His game is silent but lethal. He scores bucket after bucket and when you look at the stat sheet he’s got 30 points racked up.

Maybe Durant is not the superstar the league needs, but the one it deserves.

Stephen Curry: Dr. Strange

Fadeaway World

The things Steph does on the court can be explained with one word: magic. He has not only mastered the art of shooting, but he is also a great ball-handler and passer.

Apart from totally picturing Curry with a goat beard, his playing style can be compared to a magician showing off his various tricks.

LeBron James: Black Panther

Fadeaway World

LeBron is a powerful but agile fighter. He can harm his opponents from any spot on the floor and always attacks at the right moment. Very similar to a feline, in this case a panther.

James is also experienced and a great leader who looks to excel alongside his teammates. We can find all these qualities in Marvel’s character Black Panther.

Kyrie Irving: Spiderman

Fadeaway World

Kyrie is skilled, elusive and acrobatic. These are all Peter Parker’s abilities. The way he controls his dribble, it seems he’s got the ball attached to his spider webs. And an arachnid instinct would explain his unreal capacity to finish near the rim. So at least for this time “Uncle Drew” won’t be the uncle, but the nephew instead.

Isaiah Thomas: Ant-Man

Fadeaway World

This relation is obvious. As a 5 ft 9 in point guard, Thomas is often underrated. But don’t let his height fool you. The little guy averages 29.1 points a game.

When the clock indicates the start of the fourth quarter, Thomas becomes a gigantic force for the Celtics. The same as Ant-Man, he can go short or tall depending on what’s needed.

Giannis Antetokounmpo: Superman

Fadeaway World

Antetokounmpo would be Superman for one simple reason: he can do anything. This kid leads his team in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks per game during the season.

He’s definitely putting on the cape and carrying the Bucks towards the playoffs. We better start calling the Greek Freak, the “Kryptonian Freak” instead.

Kristaps Porzingis: Thor 

Fadeaway World

Both come from a northern country and arrived by surprise to New York. It took a while for them to adapt, but they finally won the respect of every citizen.

At least in this context we are able to call him “Porzingod“. Perhaps the next time the young knick enters a shooting streak at the Garden we’ll see thunder strikes falling down the roof.

Marc Gasol: Wolverine

Fadeaway World

Gasol is a beast on the post. Whether it’s on defense or offense he fights for every possession. The Grizzlies’ grit and grind playing style merge perfectly with Wolverine’s animal instincts.

The Spaniard might not have adamantium claws but he sure seems to regenerate no matter how many hits, bruises or injuries he gets.
The beard also helps.

Dwyane Wade: Flash

Fadeaway World

Although Wade is an aging star, he is still playing at a high level. He might not be as fast as when he was 21 years old, but he keeps blowing by defenders and finishing with class.

It’s important to point out that Wade’s nickname “Flash” does not refer to the superhero, but the 80’s film “Flash Gordon” instead. However, when Wade is charging as a fierce bull or a heat wave, he definitely moves rapidly… just like the Flash.


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