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Just a few hours after Washington Wizards defeat Los Angeles Lakers, John Wall and Brandon Jennings were outside of the Club 1 Oak when they had a verbal confrontation with one guy.

TMZ cameramen were there and caught the uncontrolled scene. He insulted Wall and Jennings, but they reacted very well.

Per TMZ:

“The scene was crazy … the Washington Wizards stars were outside of 1 Oak late Tuesday night (hours after beating the Lakers) when they were confronted by a man who was seriously pissed off.

The man called Jennings a “mark ass ho” and bragged about being from Compton — he clearly wanted to fight. The same man confronted John Wall a short time later.

But the NBA stars kept their cool … and left the scene without incident.”

Bradley Beal was also at this club and he talked with that guy after this incident.

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