The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when talking about NBA families, or so it seems. Sometimes basketball skill just runs in the family. Other times, only one child was blessed with incredible basketball skills, and their siblings are only given above average skills, never making a name for themselves in the NBA like their brothers, as shown below. Here are the top 10 brothers of NBA players you’ve never heard of.

Bernard and Albert King

Dominique and Gerald Wilkins

Brent and Mark Price

George and Derrick Gervin

Klay Thompson and Mychel Thompson

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Taylor Griffin and Blake Griffin

Horace and Harvey Grant

Dick and Tom Van Arsdale

Twin brother professional basketball players (left, Suns) Dick Van Arsdale and (Kings) Tom Van Arsdale at the City Auditorium. Dick is holding 8-month-old Greg Combs and Tom is holding Greg’s twin brother Gary. 1/7/1973

Chuck and Wesley Person

Jim and John Paxson



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