In the past, we’ve seen some former NBA players become good coaches in the League after their playing careers had ended. For example, Steve Kerr and Doc Rivers were both good players during their days in the NBA and now they both make great coaches – Kerr with the Golden State Warriors and Rivers with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Of course, coaching isn’t the only road that former NBA players take after their days of playing basketball are over. We see many former NBA players become basketball analysts, reporters and journalists after their playing careers are done but coaching is always an option for these guys – however, it isn’t an easy job.

Here is a list of five NBA players who have played in the League in recent years or are still currently play in the NBA who I think could make good coaches in the future after their playing days are done and dusted.

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LeBron James

LeBron is a master of the game of basketball and is already seen as one of the greatest of all time to have stepped on a NBA court (Bron is only 32 years old).

This man would be a good coach and with his great basketball knowledge we could see him following that role in the future, even though he currently says that he wouldn’t pursue a career in coaching. You never know what the future holds in store though so fingers crossed he changes his mind.

Kobe Bryant

A beast who has only hung up his shoes recently, Kobe Bryant will always be remembered for what he did when he played on the basketball court but it’s what the future holds that could solidify his legacy even more.

Kobe was a beast on both ends of the court and this could benefit him greatly if he was to follow a career in coaching in the coming years. It would be great to see Kobe return to Los Angeles one day as a coach for the Lakers and help the great franchise once again.

‘The Black Mamba’ would be adored by all fans though, no matter what team he goes to if he ever returns to the NBA as a Head Coach.

Dwyane Wade

D-Wade is one of the best shooting guards to have played in the NBA in my opinion and he has always been a hard-worker. Wade has helped his different teammates all his career and this teamwork has helped him win three NBA titles and a Finals MVP award.

Fans and teammates alike love Dwyane Wade and he would make a fantastic head coach after he decides to call it a day playing NBA basketball. Wade’s love for the game would be matched by his basketball IQ and this is why I can see Wade following a career in coaching – one in which he would be very successful.

Steve Nash

Nash is one of the greatest playmakers of all time and he is a two-time Mvp. His play on a basketball court was amazing and whether it was draining a three or performing a highlight-reel pass, his skill on the court was unmatched when he was in the prime of his career.

Nash, in my opinion, would be an excellent coach and this is the top guy on this list that I see going into coaching in the near future.

Chris Paul

Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The last guy on my list is CP3. A top point guard of this generation with a lot of basketball knowledge he would be a top candidate for a coaching spot after his playing days are over.

Paul is a good communicator – a trait needed for any NBA coach. Along with Paul’s excellent knowledge of basketball on both the defensive and offensive ends, CP3 would make a great head coach and it’ll be interesting to see will he pursue this career opportunity in the future.

So that’s my top 5 recent NBA players who I think would make good coaches in the NBA. It’ll be fun to see if any of these guys do actually go ahead and follow that career option in years to come.


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