We already know about Wilt Chamberlain and 100 point game against the New York Knicks, and how many 60 point games Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant had.

But, who scored most 1 point games in NBA History? Who scored most 2 point games in his career? Who had more 10 point games and so on, and so on.

I only went up to 55 because the past there I started to find that there might be four or five (or more) people who had exactly one game where they scored that many.

So here are the raw numbers.

Point GamePlayerNumber of Times
1Reggie Evans58
2Harvey Catchings179
3Steve Blake92
4T.R. Dunn148
5Bruce Bowen97
6Michael Cage144
7Derek Fisher86
8P.J. Brown115
9Derek Fisher89
10Charles Oakley107
11Jason Kidd100
12Horace Grant102
13John Stockton91
14Robert Parish94
15John Stockton75
16Robert Parish91
17Tim Duncan82
18Robert Parish95
19Tim Duncan77
20Kevin Garnett88
21Reggie Miller74
22Kevin Garnett77
23Karl Malone71
24Karl Malone83
25Kareem Abdul-Jabbar69
26Karl Malone88
27Kareem Abdul-Jabbar75
28Kareem Abdul-Jabbar72
29Karl Malone74
30Karl Malone71
31Karl Malone67
32Karl Malone57
33Michael Jordan49
34Michael Jordan47
35Kareem Abdul-Jabbar42
36Dominique Wilkins35
37Michael Jordan38
38Michael Jordan33
39Kareem Abdul-Jabbar24
40Michael Jordan34
41Michael Jordan18
42Kobe Bryant and George Gervin16
43Michael Jordan15
44Michael Jordan17
45Michael Jordan16
46Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson7
47Michael Jordan9
48Oscar Robertson6
49Michael Jordan10
50Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant6
51Kobe Bryant and LeBron James4
52Michael Jordan7
53Wilt Chamberlain6
54Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson2
55Wilt Chamberlain and Rick Barry2

Credit: nba-stat-man


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