What do you think, how many guys had more than 30 rebounds in the last 33 years? Who had the most zero-rebounds per game?

How many 25-rebounds had Dennis Rodman?

Kobe Bryant will surprise you. Also, Tim Duncan and Charles Barkley are on the list.

Thanks to Reddit User osskjc, you can check the list of players who had the most x rebound games in NBA History.

Unfortunately, Basketball Reference only has full game logs available from 1983 forward but I still think it’s interesting to see how more modern players stack up.

So just to re-emphasize, these stats are only from 1983-2016. If there’s interest I can do this for other stats too (assists, blocks, steals, etc.). Also, if you click on the players name you get the rankings for that number of rebound games (so you can see Avery Johnson had the second most # of 0 rebound games, etc.)

Rebound GamePlayerNumber of Times
0Steve Kerr327
1Derek Fisher354
2John Stockton349
3John Stockton328
4Clifford Robinson250
5Kobe Bryant212
6Paul Pierce185
7Dirk Nowitzki166
8Karl Malone159
9Karl Malone159
10Karl Malone175
11Karl Malone147
12Karl Malone136
13Tim Duncan126
14Charles Barkley88
15Tim Duncan81
16Dwight Howard71
17Dennis Rodman52
18Dennis Rodman42
19Dennis Rodman36
20Dennis Rodman40
21Dennis Rodman32
22Dennis Rodman25
23Dennis Rodman17
24Dennis Rodman12
25Dennis Rodman12
26Dennis Rodman7
27Dennis Rodman6
28Ben Wallace2
29Dikembe Mutombo, Dennis Rodman2
30Andrew Bynum, Michael Cage, Dennis Rodman1
31Kevin Love, Dikembe Mutombo, Dennis Rodman, Kevin Willis1
32Dennis Rodman2
33Charles Barkley, Kevin Willis1
34Dennis Rodman, Rony Seikaly1
35Charles Oakley1

TLDR: Rodman was a beast.

Credit: osskjc


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