We are waiting for the release date of NBA2K17 and it’s just 19 days left! Many things have changed, so much improvements. Graphics have changed, shoe and jersey are better. Audio has also changed, home arenas are so precise that you are going to feel that you are playing inside the Arena. Also, new commentators are added having in total 11 of them. Kevin Harlan, Greg Anthony, Shaq and Ernie — while others are new, including Brent Berry, Steve Smith, Doris Burke, Chris Webber, and David Aldridge. MyLeague and MyTeam have so many changes, that you are going to enjoy it so much. New cards, new prizes, new features about expansions and much more.

Gameplay has also changed. AI has improved a lot and this is the best thing that improved from NBA2K16 to NBA2K17. Better off-ball movement and defense. A smart coach is invented and you are going to listen to the assistant coach every time out. New transition and freelance offense and defense and new advanced rotations are going to improve your time that you are going to spend in front of TV.

Besides all of that, all NBA nation is wondering what will be ratings for NBA players. Are LeBron James going to be the best player in the game, how will Steph Curry rate, how will Golden State rate, how will rookies rate and much more. Enigma is solved and we present you NBA2K17 ratings from almost all NBA players. We are going to update this list when we get more information so this is the place where you can find all ratings any time.

Atlanta Hawks

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
P Millsap8687
D Howard8483
D Schröder787976
K Bazemore787672
K Korver7676
T Sefolosha7574
T Splitter7573
J Jack74
M Scott7373
K Humphries7373
M Muscala7271
T Prince71RookieRookie
T Hardaway Jr.7173
D Bembry69

Boston Celtics

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
I Thomas858681
A Horford8580
A Bradley8280
J Crowder8181
M Smart767474
A Johnson7677
K Olynyk7676
J Brown74RookieRookie
T Zeller7472
J Jerebko737072
G Green7373

Brooklyn Nets

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
B Lopez8184
J Lin7676
B Bogdanovic7675
L Scola7474
T Booker7373
R Hollis-Jefferson7273
S Kilpatrick727462
C LeVert71
C McCullough706867
R Foye7171
G Vasquez7170
A Bennett7069
C McCullough69
J Hamilton69
I Whitehead68
J Harris68

Charlotte Hornets

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
K Walker8584
M Kidd-Gilchrist7979
N Batum7980
M Williams7877
C Zeller7676
J Lamb7476
R Hibbert7473
R Sessions7475
F Kaminsky7472

Chicago Bulls

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
J Butler8888
D Wade8787
R Rondo8183
R Lopez7778
T Gibson7676
N Mirotic7675
D McDermott747468
B Portis7474
D Valentine73RookieRookie
I Canaan727373
T Snell7272
J Grant7269
S Dinwiddie696870

Cleveland Cavaliers

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
L James9696
K Irving8988
K Love8283
T Thompson8178
J Smith7777
I Shumpert7474
C Frye7475
R Jefferson7473
M Williams7373
C Anderson7373
J McRae70N/AN/A
K Felder69RookieRookie
M Dunleavy72

Dallas Mavericks

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
D Nowitzki8485
H Barnes7977
W Matthews7878
A Bogut7777
D Williams7678
J Barea7677
D Powell7475
D Harris7374
J Anderson737371
S Curry727267
Q Acy72
S Mejri74

Denver Nuggets

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
D Gallinari8081
K Faried8080
N Jokic7977
W Barton7879
E Mudiay767575
W Chandler77
G Harris7676
J Murry75
D Arthur7575
J Nurkic7574
J Lauvergne7575
J Nelson7271
M Miller7068
M Beasley69
J Hernangomez68
A Toupane

Detroit Pistons

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
A Drummond878983
T Harris787979
S Johnson757473
R Jackson82
K Caldwell-Pope79
M Morris76
I Smith75
R Bullock68
B Marjonovic75
J Leuer75
H Ellenson70
A Baynes75
R McCallum71
D Hilliard68
M Gbinjie68

Golden State Warriors

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
S Curry94
K Durant93
K Thompson90
D Green90
A Iguodala81
Z Pachulia76
S Livingston76
D West75
A Verejao73
I Clark727266
P McCaw69RookieN/A
K Looney
D Jones
J McAdoo

Houston Rockets

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
J Harden90
R Anderson79
C Capela77
E Gordon77
T Ariza77
P Beverley76
C Brewer73
M Beasley75
D Motiejunas74
P Prigioni71
S Dekker70

Indiana Pacers

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
P George909086
J Teague79
A Jefferson79
T Young79
M Turner787673
M Ellis
C Miles76
R Stuckey74
A Brooks73
L Allen72
G Robinson III706867

Los Angeles Clippers

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
C Paul9192
B Griffin8788
D Jordan8584
J Redick7879
J Crawford7778
M Speights7575
A Rivers7475
B Bass7475
R Felton7476
W Johnson7373
L Mbah a Moute7372

Los Angeles Lakers

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
D Russell797777
L Deng78
B Ingram78
J Clarkson777775
J Randle777674
L Williams7778
L Nance Jr757266
T Mozgov7573
N Young
M Huertas
J Calderon
A Brown

Memphis Grizzlies

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
M Conley858385
M Gasol85
Z Randolph80
C Parsons79
T Allen78
B Wright767475
V Carter74
J Green73
J Ennis71
T Daniels70
D Davis69
J Martin69
W Baldwin69
A Harrison68
J Adams68

Miami Heat

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
C Bosh868584
H Whiteside858681
G Dragic788081
J Winslow777674
T Johnson757571
J Richardson757566
D Waiters737373
D Williams737472
J Johnson727679
J McRoberts727171
W Ellington727170
B Weber70
U Haslem70
W Reed707070
L Babbitt697170

Milwaukee Bucks

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
G Antetokounmpo83
K Middleton81
G Monroe79
J Parker78
J Henson76
M Teletovic76
M Carter-Williams75
M Dellavedova75
M Plumlee73
T Maker71
T Ennis70
M Brogdon70

Minnesota Timberwolves

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
K Towns888678
A Wiggins82
Z LaVine78
R Rubio77
G Dieng77
K Dunn77
J Hill76
C Aldrich75
N Pekovic74
K Garnett74
S Muhammad73
N Bjelica
B Rush
T Jones

New Orleans Pelicans

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
J Holiday79
T Evans79
D Cunningham
A Davis90
O Asik75
B Hield75
L Galloway71
A Gee
T Jones74
E Moore74
Q Pondexter74
S Hill74
A Ajinca73
R Sacre
T Frazier

New York Knicks

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
C Anthony88
D Rose80
K Porzingis808074
J Noah77
C Lee76
K O’Quinn76
B Jennings757580
M Kuzminskas73
L Thomas72
J Holiday70
M N’dour69
S Vujacic69
W Hermangomez69
M Plumlee66

Oklahoma City Thunder

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
R Westbrook93
S Adams81
E Kanter79
V Oladipo79
E Ilyasova
A Roberson
A Morrow73
C Payne73
N Collison72
K Singler71
M McGary71
D Sabonis
A Abrines
J Huestis
R Price

Orlando Magic

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
N Vucevic80
S Ibaka79
E Fournier78
B Biyombo77
A Gordon767774
J Green76
E Payton75
J Meeks747474
S Zimmerman Jr69RookieRookie
C Watson
M Hezonja
D Augustin

Philadelphia 76ers

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
J Okafor79
B Simmons79RookieN/A
J Embiid777676
N Noel77
R Covington76
D Saric75RookieN/A
J Bayless74
C Landry74
N Stauskas
T McConnell
G Henderson
K Marshall
H Thompson
R Holmes
J Grant

Phoenix Suns

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
E Bledsoe85
B Knight78
D Booker78
J Dudley767575
P Tucker75
A Len75
T Chandler74
L Barbosa73
A Goodwin72
D Bender72
M Chriss71RookieN/A
A Williams69
J Jenkins69
T Ulis69

Portland Trailblazers

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
D Lillard89
C McCollum838372
M Plumlee78
A Aminu77
E Turner77
E Davis77
F Ezeli
A Crabbe
S Napier
M Leonard
M Harkless
N Vonleh

Sacramento Kings

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
D Cousins90
R Gay80
D Collison77
A Afflalo76
G Temple74
M Barnes74
K Koufos74
O Casspi73
B McLemore727272
W Cauley-Stein727274
A Tolliver70
G Papagiannis70
S Labissiere70
M Richardson69
L Patterson68

San Antonio Spurs

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
K Leonard93
L Aldridge88
P Gasol84
T Parker80
M Ginobili
D Green76
P Mills75
D Dedmon747071
D Lee74
K Anderson747471
D Bertans70
D Murray70RookieN/A
J Simmons

Toronto Raptors

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
D DeRozan87
K Lowry86
J Valanciunas82
J Sullinger777777
P Patterson76
D Carroll
C Joseph75
T Ross75
N Powell74
J Poelti71
L Nogueira69
D Wright69
P Siakam67
B Caboclo66

Utah Jazz

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
D Favors85
G Hayward84
R Gobert818079
R Hood80
J Johnson77
A Burks77
G Hill76
D Exum74
J Withey74
S Mack747572
T Lyles727072
J Ingles
B Diaw
R Neto
C Johnson

Washington Wizards

PlayerRating16 Dynamic16 Launch
J Wall
B Beal
O Porter
M Morris
M Gortat
T Burke
M Thornton
K Oubre Jr
A Nicholson
I Mahinmi
J Smith

Historic Teams

?? Los Angeles Lakers

K Abdul-Jabbar97

?? Chicago Bulls

M Jordan99

?? Chicago Bulls

M Jordan98

?? Chicago Bulls

M Jordan98

??/?? Los Angeles Lakers

M Johnson98

95/96 Chicago Bulls

M Jordan99

?? Boston Celtics

L Bird97

?? Los Angeles Lakers

K Bryant99

?? Miami Heat

L James98

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What do you think about these ratings? Are they real?

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